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Become our Sales Agent

Our business proposal

We are looking for Sales Agents or business partners that will promote and sell Mabuhay Guided Tours (and rental services) on our behalf. If you work in the tourism industry at any level (like a tour operator, travel agent, hotel or guesthouse owner, car rental operator, etc.), you can sell our services at your business location and earn high commissions. Basically, when customers come to your office and ask for bike rentals or motorcycle Tours, you will just refer our business and sell a tour or rental for us. If you close a deal with one of your clients, you will earn a commission.

Your commissions

We offer a commission ranging from 5% to 15% of the price charged to the client. The actual commission rate is agreed on a one-to-one basis and it depends by our sales partner's type of business and the expected volume of referral sales. In general, we allow higher commission rates to large companies in the travel industry as we estimate a partnership is likely to drive a substantial business).

When commissions are paid

You earn your commissions instantly as soon as clients purchase one of our services at your business location. Since you act as Sales Agent (reseller), the price of the service is paid in your hands so that you make an invoice to your customers. We assume you will ask your clients to pay by cash or credit card. The price you charge clients is the list price published on our website. After you have collected the funds from the end customer, you will send us a Booking Request through our website and, along with it, you send us a payment that is inferior to the amount you collected from the customer. This payment equals to service list price minus your commission.

For example, if you sell a USD 1,000 worth tour and your commission is 10%, you will collect USD 1,000 from the customer and then you send us a booking request with a USD 900 payment.

How to send a "Booking Request"

Sending a booking request is quick and easy through our website. All you have to do is to login your Sales Agent account and fill out a "Booking Request" form. Upon completion, the data of your booking are sent to us and our system automatically reserves the motorbikes requested by your client for the entire duration of the service (service start / end dates).

When a Booking Request is received, we email a Booking Confirmation to you (the "Sales Agent") and your customer. Our Booking Confirmation email contains detailed information about the booking you have just entered in the system. That's it! From this moment on, Mabuhay Motorcycles Tours will take care of everything. We will contact the customer, make sure he's got all the documents required to drive in the Philippines, do the airport pick-up (if included in the Tour), etc.

For detailed instructions on how to send a "Booking Request", please check our Sales Agent Tutorial page here.

How to pay for Mabuhay services

As we mentioned earlier, you'll have to pay a service fee along with your Booking Request. We currently accept payments by Credit Card and Paypal. We encourage our partners to open a Paypal account to speed up booking operations.

Why Mabuhay

Mabuhay Motorcycles Tours is the only company offering top quality Guided Tours in and around Alaminos City, Luzon, Philippines. We know the roads, we know the region where we live and we know what visitors would like to see here. Our motorcycle tours are designed to fully entertain our travel companions; they are a perfect mix between motorbike riding, sightseeing, entertainment and relax. We have 12 fully serviced motorbikes that easily fit the skills of our drivers, being beginners or experts. And, most of all, we do care for our customers who we like to consider friends in the first place. Our Tours are a once in a lifetime breathtaking experience and we are sure that, by promoting our Tours, you will earn much more than commissions by making your clients happy.

Getting started!

Becoming a Sales Agent is very easy. Just email us and let us know you're interested in selling our services. Our Relationship Manager will contact you immediately to provide more information about our business proposal. The setup of your Agent account takes 5 minutes only and we do not require you sign any paper as everything is managed over the internet with our Online Booking System.

So don't hesitate! Email us and get started now!