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Technical Guide for Mabuhay Sales Agents

How to login your account

Logging in your Sales Partner account is very easy. Get onto our website ( and scroll down the page (any page) until you get to the bottom. Now click on the "Agency login" link you see at the bottom left corner. When you get to the login page, type in your username and password (the one we gave you when we created an account for you) and then click on the "Login" button.

Add a new Customer

After logging in your account, add a new Customer to the database. This is a main requirement to proceed with entering a booking. So, to be clear, first you create a Customer entry in the database and then, after doing so, you will add a Booking entry that is linked to the Customer you just entered in the system.

In order to add a Customer to the database, click on the "New Customer" link. A new box will appear on screen, just scroll down the page. Now type all relevant information (customer first name, last name, email address, etc.). After you are finished, click on the "Create" button. That's all. You have just added a new customer to the database!

Create a "Booking Request"

Now that you have added your customer to the database, you can create a booking request. Just click on "New Booking", scroll down the page and type the name of your customer in the "Customer" field box. A drop down window will automatically appear on screen to facilitate the customer selection, just click on the name and, once the full name is displayed in the Customer field box, click on the "Create" button.

At this point, a new browser session starts. Follow the 5 steps of the booking process to make a booking.

NOTE: at Step #2 of the booking process, our system automatically prompts the personal information of the customer you previously selected, so you don't have to re-enter this information again. After selecting a payment method (Paypal or Credit Card), you must pay the booking price in order to complete a booking request.

The Price Box

Agents earn a commission every time they sell one of Mabuhay Motorcycles Tour's services. The Step #3 of the booking process will show you the Price box of the service you sell to your clients. The price box features 2 prices:

  • - Price paid by Client: this is the money Agents charge to their customers and it's calculated on our list prices;
  • - Price paid by Agent: this is the money you pay to Mabuhay in order to complete your Booking Request;

The difference between these 2 values is your commission as shown in the Price box.

Booking Completed

As an Agent, you charge customers directly at your office. At this point, you have to transfer the booking price minus your commission to Mabuhay by Credit Card or Paypal. You can do this comfortably over the internet from your office. The booking is completed as soon as we receive the booking price minus your commissions. At this point, our system instantly reserves the motocycles for the dates selected during the booking process and, at the same time, delivers a Booking Confirmation email to both Agent and Customer.

The Booking Confirmation email contains detailed information about the Tour, the Motorcycles, the Sales Agent and the Service Provider (us!). That's it. From this moment onwards, we will take care of everything! We will contact the client and arrange pick up time at the airport if required.