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The Philippines is one of the secret tourist destination whenever one plans a vacation in South East Asia, and it gets more and more famous for motorcycle riders. There are many reasons for this, hidden beaches, exciting coast roads, breathtaking mountain roads, culture, history and a lot of fun in the night life. We have been living here more than 8 years and we know the secrets to make the perfect journey on a motorcycle. Filipinos will welcome you with a smile, a laugh, and open arms.

Our goal is for all to enjoy the locations we take you to, but also have the time to discover them. Most of the daily rides will be around 150 Km, or less. Ride in the morning and play in the afternoon. There will be a couple of locations where we will spend an extra night as to be able to more fully explore what the location has to offer. We don't have any minimum or maximum on members in the tour, we do not set up special tour dates... We ride whenever you want. We are not constrained by schedules, this will allow us to stop were you want and to enjoy the ride. The only thing more or less set in stone are the hotel reservations.

We can create the perfect individual ride regarding your interests and belongings. We just make it possible. At the end of the day for us to succeed is for you to be thrilled, and that is our goal.

If you like to plan your own tour and you just need a motorcycle, simply rent it in one of our branches. For assistance feel free and contact us any time.

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Why it makes sense to book a guided tour

Live Support

If you need assistance with your booking and you see us online, call / text us on Skype for free.

We are normally online from 8am to 6pm, Philippines time (+08.00 GMT), Monday to Sunday included.

Special Deals

If you make a reservation through our official site, you will benefit a Special Discount of up to 20% on Guided Tours and of up to 50% on Motorbike Rentals!

Mabuhay Bikes | Guided Tours

Mabuhay Bikes | Motorbike Rentals

NOTE: our special discounts are offered if you make an online booking on this website. Discounts may differ from branch to branch.

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Our Motorcycle Tours

All of our tours can be booked with or without guide. We are always avail ourselves of the best possible routes. We are very fortunate here in northern Luzon to have the absolutely best road infrastructure in the Philippines. We take into consideration optional side rides, activities, temperature and climate patterns when organizing a tour. We want you to be comfortable, learn a little about the culture, ride spectacular roads and have the best experience possible. We aim to get to our next stop leaving you with plenty of time to relax and explore the location of the day.

Our tours emphasize open mindedness, and a spirit of adventure is the best thing to pack. Many of our riders become friends for life. At the end of every day you will always find delicious food, top of the line accommodations and even a hot shower when available. This is the tropics, and hot water can be overrated. And especially on our longer tours, we really want to bring you to sites that are off the beaten path.

We feel it is an obligation to yourselves to ride and to learn as much as possible about the world around you. We applaud those who are thrilled at an adventure and love motorcycle travel.

NOTE: Our trips are not set in stone and we will gladly try to incorporate any and all suggestions that you might have in order to make your vacation with us as remarkable and experience as possible. We can also entirely customize a tour to suit your needs and your plans. If it's possible we will make it happen.

Motorbike & Scooter Rentals

Mabuhay Motorcycles | Guided Tours

We are the first and only Scooter and motorcycle rental company in Alaminos City with outlets in Manila, Angeles City, Baguio and Bohol. If you visit the Philippines we are your partner for renting a motorcycle or scooter to make your journey individual and unforgettable. Book your bike and enjoy the ride.

All motorcycles and scooter bikes get a complete service before we rent it out, so that you will always have a perfectly maintained motorcycle without any worries. If you like, we deliver your motorcycle directly to your hotel.

If you want to explore the hidden secret places around the Philippines you can always request a personal guide.

Being on a motorcycle, you will be closer to the real people and get to many areas not normally frequented by tourists. English is widely spoken and understood.

All motorcycle rentals require a valid passport, which you must bring with you when the unit get picked up. A valid driving license is requested. Local laws allow foreigners to use their foreign license for up to 3 months while in the Philippines, after 3 month they must acquire a local license.

We rent on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, if you know you will be visiting the Philippines and you want to secure a Scooter or Motorcycle for your trip, we highly encourage you to reserve it ahead of time.

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